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WWII Online


Getting Started

Welcome to WWII Online: Battleground Europe. We guarantee you will not find another WWII gaming experience quite like this one, but you need to know early on that it's a complex game and will require some initial learning to understand. Our goal is to give you some quick pointers to get you moving fast and become a long lasting member of our community.


We're glad you're here - thanks for playing!

New Player Quick Survival Guide

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Do the basic training - SERIOUSLY!

Players who follow that initial game training seem to enjoy the game more. This comes as no surprise because you will learn very quickly how to navigate the game world, use the chat and find combat. It is well worth the time!

Join a squad - learn faster!

Get into a squad as soon as possible. Meet community members who want to see you succeed and stick around. There's so much depth to the game we couldn't create a guide big enough to teach it all. Our veteran players are always looking to help a communicative new player.

Squad recruitment forums located here. 

Get on Discord!

Instant battle comms means greater coordination, teamwork and kill counts. We guarantee you will experience the epicness of WWII Online! We're now on Discord voice, join now - information is located here.

Ask questions ( help channel )

Even after you complete basic training there's going to be a lot to learn. We've created a default channel when you download the game called, "HELP." Players helping players around the clock. To type on the help channel: [F6] "type your message" [ENTER]

Looking for guides?

Several of our veteran players have come together to create user friendly guides / manuals / tips to help you learn faster.

Battleground Europe Guide's Site here.