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WWII Online


Getting Started


WWII Online offers a variety of weapons and vehicles to choose from in every combat scenario. Play as an infantryman, bomber, panzer tank or drop in as a paratrooper.


Combined arms combat can be found across the entire scope of our world at war.

All combat is alongside live players in the same zone-less game world. Every vehicle or weapon is controlled by a REAL person.


The game provides winnable campaigns that are completely player-controlled and non-scripted.

Make history come to life or change it completely as WWII Online demonstrates the scale of combined arms warfare in a breathtaking gaming experience.


Choose to pilot fighters and bombers, command tanks, run supply or mission creation trucks, captain and crew naval vessels, or fight on the field and in the towns as an infantryman or paratrooper capturing enemy territory.

All combat is alongside live players in the same zone-less 300,000 sq km game world where every vehicle or weapon is controlled by a real person.

You have the option to either join existing squads or create a new one with your friends. Create your own command structure and plan how you will conquer the enemy.

Do you have exceptional leadership qualities? Lead your side to victory as a High Command officer. Move forces to attack objectives or defend your territory.


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